Posted by: mybroom | April 19, 2013

CHRIST IN ME – intro.

‘Christ in me’ is an outrageous statement, perhaps so outrageous that we don’t take it seriously ~ at least not as seriously as God takes it.

Gal. 2:20 ~ “I have been crucified with Christ, I no longer live but Christ lives in me” ~ surely that scripture is not meant to be taken literally, that would throw everything I have learned so far into total disarray, it would mean starting over with so much of my belief system ~ but if it’s true… imagine the possibilities, if the King of Kings is actually my permanent self, the possibilities are astounding. This possibility bears serious consideration ~ more than that, it deserves to be proven to be true (if in fact it is true) ~ perhaps the most noble quest ever undertaken by man ~ to discover the reality of “Christ in me”.

I’m up for it; in fact I’ve been up for it for the past few years ~ it’s like a broadcast from heaven that I can’t turn off (and don’t want to either), it’s like God has been saying “there is so much more, you have hardly scratched the surface” ~ so this blog “Hardwired to Christ” is dedicated to discovering the reality of ‘Christ in me’.

At times you may think I’ve gone totally loopy, there are some aspects of our union with Christ that are in defiance of logic, they border on the insane, the foolish, the ridiculous ~ I can’t help myself, I’m going to push the safe haven of human reasoning way out to its limit ~ call me crazy; crazy like a man who has glimpsed the unthinkable and can never be satisfied by the ordinary again.

For the most part of my life my faith looked something like this; “Christ died for my sins and went back to heaven, my purpose going forward is to spread this message and do my best to live according to its principles”.

Now my faith is radically different from that; “Christ died as my substitute and took my sinful nature into the cross with Him, in exchange He re-birthed me with His own perfect nature. Now that I am the righteousness of Christ His very person has moved into my spirit, we have become fused as one being, now I live from His presence within me, I don’t spread the message ~ the message lives in me in the person Jesus, I don’t live by principles ~ I walk in the Spirit”.

I have discovered that Christ didn’t come to give me a message ~ He came to give me Himself. He didn’t come to give me an example of how to live ~ He came to give me Life itself, the very vitality of heaven. He didn’t come to give me a job to do ~ He came to give me an outcome, all of the benefits of the cross are handed to me by His grace.

This perspective is poles apart from my previously long-held belief system, in fact; when you drill down into it they bear very little resemblance. The language is similar, the historical information is the same, but the reality for me is so vastly different that it cannot be compared. The difference between “Christ in me” and “having the message about Christ” are like the difference between the light from a candle and the light from the sun. No longer am I dependent on remaining in close proximity to the light by my best efforts, now the light blazes continually in my spirit ~ simply by knowing and placing faith in the work of Christ.

And it’s that difference that I want to explore in this new blog. The title “Hardwired to Christ” says it all. In the electronics industry a hardwired component is part of the parent appliance, not just a remote device dependent on battery power. Similarly I am hardwired to Christ, I have become a part of Him, powered by His energy, no longer dependent on my own ability to generate results. When I thought of the title “Hardwired to Christ” for the book, I liked it so much that I decided to make it the blog title as well ~ I really hope many of you that visited ‘Mybroom’ in 2012 will also drop by ‘Hardwired to Christ’.

As I said earlier, it may be an un-predictable journey, it may get a little bumpy, lets see what happens…..

…more next week,

cheers Graeme.


  1. so glad your back – I am buckling up as we speak!

    • Hi Ben, good to talk again, I’ve always appreciated your perspective, cheers G

  2. “The language is similar, the historical information is the same, but the reality for me is so vastly different that it cannot be compared.” Totally agree. I pray that your blogging on Christ in me will increase your realization of this wonderful fact.

    • Hello Don, great to see you again, there is so much more to learn about the wonder of Christ, cheers G

  3. Looks like we are all with you for the next journey!! 😉

    • Great to have you along, I feel like we are setting out to discover the frontier like on Dances with Wolves.

      • 🙂

  4. I followed mybroom and I am looking forward to following this blog too! “Christ in me” is a wonderful truth!

    • Hello Joe,
      its great to have you aboard again,
      cheers Graeme

  5. I’m thankful to pray-fully join you here…to ‘discover the reality of Christ in me’! Here we go….

    • Welcome Arcelia, looking forward to many discussions like last year.

  6. I, for one, look forward to your weekly posts! I love this new adventure you’re on.
    blessings to you,

    • Great to have you along, feel free to ask any question and I’m happy to give my take on it ~ it is such a great adventure. cheers G

  7. Great post. The two definitions you described are indeed different. I pray for the reality of the second one to truly sink in to my mind. Christ lives in me!

    • I found that the revelation comes slowly, the key is to fix our eyes on Christ not on our own performance. cheers G

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