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CHRIST IN ME – part 2.

What exactly happened in the garden?

Was the command of God ‘not to eat the forbidden fruit’ a random choice by God, could He have just as easily said ‘don’t throw stones’ or ‘poke your tongue out’? why the forbidden fruit??

Was there something deeper involved in the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” that had more to do with Adam and Eve’s very existence, than merely a random commandment that God used to measure if they would step out of line?

To answer this we need to understand what Adam and Eve’s existence was like before they ate the fruit.

We know that Jesus is ‘LIFE’ ~ I came to give you life / when Christ, who is your life appears / we crossed over from death to life / I am The Life / when The Life appeared; these are all familiar scriptures about the essence of Christ ~ HE IS LIFE ~ not just ‘he has life’, He is life ~ the whole world is held together by His word, everything falls apart but for His sustaining power, the very vitality of heaven is Christ.

Now back to Eden, The Tree of Life existed along side The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but they had no particular command regarding the Tree of Life.

Christ is Life, the Tree of Life is Christ, they did not need to be told how to relate to the Tree of Life because He was already the source of their existence, the union between themselves and Christ was complete, there was no separation between the individual (Adam) and the union (Adam in Christ). Adam was completely hidden in Christ, His righteousness, His holiness… so complete was that union, that to contemplate one without the other was unthinkable ~ Christ was continually radiating the very vitality of heaven into Adams spirit!

That is what is so tragic about the temptation of satan; “if you eat the forbidden fruit you will become like God” ~ Adam and Eve were already like God, they were in-God ~ their physical body was sustained by food and their spirit was sustained by their amazing union with Christ, they had no need for good & evil because their righteousness came from Christ.

When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit it was much more than simple disobedience, it was independence ~ this was a declaration by Adam and Eve that they had decided to go it alone, from now on they would be responsible for determining their existence on planet earth, they would decide between good and evil, and the outcome of those decisions would become the source of their well-being.

In effect they said to Christ; “thanks, but no-thanks”, it’s been good drawing our existence from our union with you, but from now on we are going to strike out on our own ~ from now on we will determine the flow of blessings and favour into our lives by our own management of good and evil.

It was the whole ‘self’ issue raising its head ~ it was a rejection of Christ as the source of their being, and a decision to find nourishment for their body, soul and spirit, from their own virtue!!

Unfortunately our spirit cannot be nourished by anything but the presence of Christ, and so it died immediately ~ the result was that our soul took over the role of controlling the flow of blessing and favour into our lives ~ we became dependent on our own reason and intellect, our personality and emotions became the source of our existence, and our union with Christ was soon forgotten… as if it had never existed.

In Galatians 2:20 we read; “I have been crucified with Christ, I no longer live but He lives in me” ~ this was God’s solution, His initiative, He took my independent self onto the cross with Christ, He crucified it, and in that same instant He re-birthed me again as a man in perfect union with His Spirit. He took me back to the garden and placed me back into Christ ~ He removed my independence and gave me union in its place.

‘Christ in me’ can only be fully understood when we understand that;  sin = ‘me in me’ (independence).

Sin and independence are inseparable ~ and the work of the cross was not only to remove sin, but also to remove independence ~ the outcome is that I no longer live as an independent individual, my existence is once again inseparable from my union with Christ.

Religion wants us to try to mix the two, it wants us to receive the work of Christ / and remain a person who continues to bear the responsibility for the outcomes of their life ~ but they are incompatible ~ our union with Christ can only function in the garden of faith in His goodness…. not our own independent management of the good v. evil equation as a means of attracting God’s favour.

The forbidden fruit is self-dependence, but we were created for the mystery of Christ dependence.

cheers Graeme


  1. I love the sentence – “He took me back to the garden and placed me back into Christ. I love how the garden come around to completion in Christ and is fully realized in Revelations when His kingdom comes to earth. Thanks for the post. Glad I found it in a round about way!

    • Good to meet you, sorry you had to take the scenic route to find me. cheers Graeme

  2. Graeme,
    This is great! i love how you have laid this out.
    Thank you!

    • thanks Ben, good to hear from you.

  3. I pray this is widely read, it is insightful, bold in its explanation.

    • Thank you so much, great to be in contact again, cheers G

  4. Lots to think about in this great post! I liken the spiritual death to a bunch of grapes that has been picked. They’ll look good for a while, but having been separated from the vine, they will slowly rot and wither. In other words, they’re dead, they just don’t know it yet!
    Be blessed!

    • Yes Bill, I get that, sad that something can be dead and not know it ~ spiritual death is not immediately obvious, maybe thats why people try so hard to get to God by their own works, cheers Graeme

    • I agree with a lot of what is said here, however i see a problem with the Grapes analogy… grapes that are left on the vine also rot and wither away – once made they are made to live but a short time and then wither and die.

      Tricky – trying to equate eternal life with anything of the earth! And yet with what else are we to ‘compare’ it?

      Those already of the spirit can get it – but how do we compare the spirit for those who do not know it?

      I fully realise God (Christ) is the one who gives Grace, but if we are to spread the gospel to those who do not currently believe we need something that is true and all earthly things are, in some form, corrupted.

      Should we not preach by word but preach by deed and action? Let our light so shine?
      Forgive the rambling – am still seeking better understanding of my Faith and what He requires of me.

      • Hi Bob,
        I see you are another Aussie, great to meet you.
        and I agree with your comment, as Paul said God is unsearchable so our best efforts to put human metaphors against Him are bound to be a bit lame. I contemplate this issue a lot and find myself a bit outside of the herd for it, we just seem to be too quick to put God in a box that is slightly bigger than ours, and then go about practicing religion. He holds the universe in place by the power of His word ~ for goodness sake, we cant put that in a tidy box.
        Now I’m rambling… I think the thing He requires of both of us is to just believe that He is who He says He is!!! cheers Graeme

      • Seems like we are rambling down pretty much the same little used lane 😉

        Us Aussies pop up everywhere, we refuse to stay in our ‘box’ 😉

        Nice to meet you to G.

      • Which part of the patch do you call home?

      • My little piece of paradise is located in Perth, lower West Coast (roughly comparable to LA/San Fran but with less? people) lived here since moved from the UK about 43 years ago.

        How about you and the missus? 🙂

        P.S am very sorry to have missed the mind renewal of 2012 – maybe i should read the book?

      • Morning Bob,
        our patch is in South-west Victoria, western end of The Great Ocean Road. Born & bred Aussie. Perth is great and parts south, we have enjoyed holidays in Freo and travelled way down south into wine region, that is one vast patch compared to the UK.
        Feel free to look through the archives about ‘Renewing the mind’ on – book is still about a month off.
        Good talking Bob, cheers G

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