Posted by: mybroom | May 3, 2013

CHRIST IN ME – part 3.

What exactly happened on the cross ? (a follow-on from ‘What exactly happened in the garden ?’)

As we begin to grasp that mans sinfulness is all wrapped-up in his determination to be independent ~ self-determining, self-sustaining, depending on himself (his ability to do right or wrong) – for the flow of blessings into his life ~ we begin to view the work of the cross differently. It becomes clear that Christ came to do more than deal with the many sins that had piled-up against us, He came to deal with the issue that causes man to sin in the first place; his determination to gain righteousness by his independent goodness (man’s attempt to live right) ~ also known as the flesh or the sinful nature.

Christ made 2 statements that specifically refer to His reason for coming. John 10:10 “I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly”, and 1 John 3:8 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work”. These 2 passages are very closely related when understood from the perspective of man’s problem of self-dependence. It was man’s choice to be ‘master of his own destiny’ that separated us from the one who is Life Himself (Christ) ~ this choice resulted in us joining the devil’s team, and playing the game of life by the devil’s rules (self-absorbed living) ~ the devil’s work was to convince man that he had the capacity to make it on his own.

So the work of the cross (or the reason why Christ came) was to destroy this independent nature of man, and bring us back to our original condition ~ sustained by the virtue ‘LIFE’ of Christ. Mankind was stuck in a cycle of self-effort, Christ came to break that cycle… and return us to a life that is sustained by His effort on the cross.

When Christ declared “I came to give you Life”, He was actually declaring “I came to give you myself, the one who is Life” ~ in other words “I came to destroy the devil’s work (your dependence on self), and re-birth you a new creature ~ a ‘Christ in me’ man”.

There will only be one means whereby this new condition can operate freely in your life ~ “You must believe that I am that good”. If you don’t believe that I am as good as that, you will slip back into depending on your self-generated goodness ~ and I won’t mix my righteousness with that of any man, I won’t mix the efforts of humanity with the perfection of heaven (that was what caused the problem in the first place) ~ the reason I came was so that you would allow my virtue to sustain you at all times.

This “Christ in me” way of living is completely different from our old way of living.

Religion tricks man into thinking that God places some value on how we live, that God delights in our faithfulness, service and charity, but that would be returning to our problem of self-effort ~ GOD ONLY VALUES OUR FAITH IN CHRIST’S EFFORT ~ it is true that good works overflow from this faith, but those good works of themselves do not move God ~ only our restful confidence in the good work of Christ moves God.

As I said; it is a completely new way of living. A way of living that defies the in-grained urges we have to ‘do something’ ~ these in-grained urges are the last gasp of our self-dependence trying valiantly to apportion value to the deeds of man. Best to give up now, best to learn how to rest in the goodness of Christ, best to spend a month or a year dismantling our need to satisfy God… because that’s when the good stuff starts to happen!

When we have finally stopped trying to make God happy, and accepted that He is already completely happy with us because of Christ ~ then the grand adventure begins. Life in the Spirit springs forth as we gain confidence that the perfect one, Christ Himself, is my true self, ‘Christ in me’… all my fear of failing, getting it wrong, presuming on God, disappear out the door ~ I become a man who can do the impossible, the unthinkable, just because I finally believed; “that Christ is that good“.

So the question for us is this; “who will believe that Christ is really that good?”

cheers Graeme


  1. Really loving this teaching Graeme

    • Thanks Ben, I believe it is the missing link for those who want reality not just religion. It fills my screen Ben, as I’ve said before – it’s like I’ve been born again – again. Just want to shout it from the roof tops – that Christ has done it all, I’m home free. I think I may be becoming a fanatic!! cheers G

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