Posted by: mybroom | May 7, 2013

CHRIST IN ME – part 4.

Whats happening now ?  -following on from; ‘What happened in the garden, & on the cross’.

Ever hear the saying; “if something is said to be ‘too good to be true’, then it probably is?” ~ good news usually comes with a catch, there is no such thing as “a free lunch”, and so on.

“Christ in me” is a bit like that it’s just too darn good to be true. Fact is; the majority of believers sideline it to the theoretical or figurative basket, they relegate it to a doctrinal matter with little practical application. As a result; the most potentially powerful truth of all, lays gathering dust on the top shelf of our seldom visited theology.

Imagine being handed a million dollars… and spending the rest of your days restricting your spending to a thousand dollars. It wouldn’t happen! It would be like putting $1,000 on your middle shelf, and $999,000 on your top shelf… and forgetting it’s up there, never making use of it.

Thats pretty much what is happening with Christianity the world over. We are living on small change ~ and we don’t even know it. We think that the thing we have constructed around Christianity is the real-thing, the whole shebang… but it’s little more than a cardboard cutout. We have grown so used to all of the things going on in the Christian culture that we have mis-placed the actual object of our faith Himself. We have put Christ on the top shelf and forgotten about Him, busying ourselves with the small change of all the stuff we do in His name.

You know why? because we think He is too good to be true, so He probably isn’t. I don’t mean that we think He isn’t true, I mean that we think the outcomes of His work on the cross aren’t true. We can come to terms with His death on the cross as a means of dealing with our sins, but we can’t come to terms with His subsequent re-creation of us as people who are filled with the divine nature. We cannot resolve it intellectually and so it sits gathering dust on the top shelf.

What if all the stuff we Christians do week-in week-out was of no particular importance to God ~ would we still keep doing it?… probably, because we don’t know what else to do!

What if all the activities we are involved in are little more than the clutter left behind when my grandkids visit… that clutter just isn’t the point of it all! Yet we have made our myriad activities, duties, good habits, principles, the stuff of our faith… they aren’t, Christ is ~ and we hardly know Him.

The work of the cross is this; At the moment Christ died a line was drawn across history. From that instant we ceased to exist as a people who satisfy God by our faithful and sacrificial living, we were instantly transformed into a people who are in sublime union with the holy one Himself ~ simply by believing in His faithfulness and sacrifice. We became His holiness, by doing nothing.

Christ went into the grave destitute, loaded up with the sins of all humanity ~ but when He arose, He looked upon His bride (you and me) now gloriously clothed in His perfection ~ and He took us into Himself ~ perfection had married perfection, we became those who are lost in the stunning beauty of His goodness. The perfect one of heaven placed us into Himself, so that we would never again have to look to ourselves to find our worth. IT’S JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

But it is true. It is the greatest truth in history ~ Christ and I have become one.

Even as this post is read I know many are thinking; nah, that’s not right ~ look at my life, it’s anything but perfect, in fact it’s an outright disaster. That is the wonder of Christ; HE DOESN’T CARE! He didn’t let our imperfections keep Him from dying for us, and He wont let our imperfections keep us from living in Himonly we can do that, only we can chose to build our faith on our good works instead of His history defining work. Only we can say to Christ; “your blood wasn’t enough for me, I’m not worthy, better to live as a cardboard cutout than to accept that I am the perfection of God ~ anyway, I wouldn’t even know how to do it”.

But, imagine a life that never again questions our value to God… imagine living in the boldness of one in whom the very person of God dwells… the possibilities are staggering ~ the alternative is such a waste.


cheers Graeme


  1. This will wreck Christianity – Greame – you ready for that? – i know I am – good article (sorry, i am a few days behind)

    • Hi Ben,
      thanks once again, I’m up for it (I think) – I know that my old version of Christianity needed to be wrecked, I’ve got a feel that aplies across the board, cheers G

  2. Amen! Amen! I so long to Know Christ fully, Him in Me and I in Him. I want to understand and grasp the fullness and I want to walk in the fullness of Him manifesting His life through me!

    • Hi Doreen,I think the key is to simply believe that it is so. Rather than looking for the evidence before believing, we just need to say Yes, thats right, I am in Christ, it is a fact – His life manifests when we believe! cheers G

      • I do believe it, don’t get me wrong…I just want to know Him more!!

      • sorry Doreen,
        I didn’t mean that to sound condecending – that came out wrong. I guess what I mean is; that I know Him as I believe Him – (it sound cryptic I know). One of the things I have found is that I have to determine what the truth is before it manifests itself – (I’m still on this journey as well so forgive my floundering around).
        Its like we are always praying for revival – when in fact revival started 2000 years ago and never stopped. The same goes for knowing Him – we know and are fully known by Him, John 14:7 – it’s just that our eyes are only now seeing this fact – that our spirit has known all along. And we are on a journey of discovering the wonder of Him that will never end.
        Our only part in this is to believe that we are fully engaged in union with Him now, when we grasp that – His fullness is manifest. Like you I want to walk more deeply in His power and presence, and I have told Him that – so now I rest in the knowledge that He is doing it in me – my personal revival is a present day fact.
        Starting to ramble now, talk again soon, cheers G

      • No don’t apologize! I understand what you mean. Thank-you for your quick response. I will rest…in knowing that He is working me 🙂

      • 😉

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