Posted by: mybroom | May 11, 2013

CHRIST IN ME – part 5.

What Happens Next ?  (following on from; what happened in the garden, on the cross, and now).

One of the greatest cons perpetrated upon the church by satan is the ‘twisting of the doctrine of sanctification’. It goes something like this; Christ completed His work on the cross and saved me from my sins, and now the Holy Spirit is working in me to form my life into one that reflects Christ’s nature. Now some may be saying ‘that sounds right to me’… fact is; this is the most subtle, dis-empowering, despicable & harmful con imaginable.

Here’s the truth; Christ completed His work on the cross which included; saving me from my sins, killing my sinful nature, transferring His perfect nature into me in its place, with the result that I am now a perfect reflection of Christ… job done ~ (the natural realm may still see me with all my failings, but the spiritual realm sees me in Christ).

The first option (the con), has convinced us that we are a work in progress, that sanctification is an improvement program that finally ends when we die.

The second one (the truth), is that we are perfected in the instant we place faith in Christ; that sanctification ended when we died in Christ, there is no further potential for improvement as far as God is concerned because we have been transformed into the perfection of Christ.

The meaning of the word sanctification is; “separated or set apart for God” ~ in the old testament it was applied to tables, vessels used in worship, etc. In effect it means; ‘made holy for God’… there was no lifetime process involved in making a table set apart, it just happened there and then.

The importance of this cannot be over-stated, it is the most fundamental of drivers of our engagement in Christian living.

By and large the Christian community is involved in trying to gain God’s favour by right living… so that we can receive from Him His blessing and assistance. We have been conned into thinking that God responds to; ‘how well we are progressing along the sanctification scale’. The reality is that; we know deep down that there is no chance of us reaching the high mark required, and so we never truly step into a life of bold faith or confidence in God.

In contrast the truth is this; we receive Gods blessing and assistance because we are already fully sanctified into the righteousness of Christ ~ there is no scale. We have attained the high mark expected by God by the simple act of placing faith in Christ ~ His death and resurrection. Now we step boldly into a life of faith, knowing that Christ has completed both justification and sanctification, we have been made worthy by the sheer power of His blood, (see Heb. 10: 19-22).

This faith and confidence in the work of Christ is also described in God’s word as; “Life in the Spirit”. Living in the Spirit is the term God uses to describe a life that soars above the limitations of ‘life in the flesh’ ~ however, if we are constantly monitoring our performance (sanctification) then our eyes are fixed on ourselves and not on Christ. The result is that our wings are clipped ~ instead of soaring in the Spirit we begin to spiral into self-doubt and low confidence in God.

As soon as self-effort and consciousness of human weakness gain traction, then our confidence in such truths as; ‘we are seated in heavenly places’ and, ‘we are joint heirs with Christ’ begins to slip away. Life in the Spirit is just that ~ it is a disregard for the deeds of the flesh as a means of attracting God’s attention, and resting in the work of Christ as the source of God’s favour.

What happens next?  LIFE IN THE SPIRIT…. (also known as ‘the divine adventure’ ~ my definition).

It is a bold life.  Yet it is a life of poise and rest in the confidence that the blood of Christ has already completed the task of forming ‘Christ in me’. It is a life that has its eyes firmly fixed on the capacity of the blood of Christ to accomplish any task, with scant regard for my own poor performance. It is a life that slowly replaces fear with assurance, and it’s all because we stepped over a line… on one side of the line my humanity impacted upon God’s favour and blessing / on the other side of the line is my union with Christ’s work, in attracting God’s favour and blessing.

The con of satan is the notion that can we have one foot on each side of the line, that we can mix Christ’s performance with our own. The adventure begins on the day when we declare to ourselves; “From this day forward, my life is sustained by Christ alone ~ my faith in His goodness not my own”.

cheers Graeme.



  1. Hi Graeme,

    I do not disagree with anything you have written, you put things in another light, another persoective for me to see by.

    My big problem (one i suspect i share with very many others) is that in wanting to believe as a little child believes i find that child is all too easily ‘smothered’ in so many stifling ways by the cranky, emotion-driven, adult, non-believing body i’ve lived in for half a century. I do that which i do not want and do not that which i want, in the words of Paul.

    Any thoughts you might put in a post concerning this?


    • Hello Bob,
      good to hear from you. Yes, I do have thoughts on the subject that would make a good follow-on post. Give me a day or 2. cheers Graeme

      • I’m in no rush – Patience is a virtue ( i’m seeking!) 🙂

        P.S. I nominated you for the ‘Interesting Blog Award’. details and a logo you may copy are over at my blog.

      • Hi Bob, you honour me, thankyou. I have a problem – I decided not to accept awards before starting this, and I dont want to offend you by not accepting it. But I do accept your kindness and I like the questions you ask. talk soon, G

      • I understand Graeme i had my own concerns before accepting the Award nomination myself 🙂 I just chose to accept it as a way i could add to my worship and to spread more of the Word. It is just a nomination, there is never an obligation, and i’m glad you recognise the intent of honour for the fine work of your blog 🙂

        God Bless.,

  2. Nothing to say. You say it well enough.😇

  3. Amen!

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