Posted by: mybroom | June 12, 2013

What’s on the other side of the line?

Imagine a blank page ~ draw a line vertically down the middle of the page ~ on each side of the line we will list the ‘before and after’ features of the cross of Christ. Left side of the line ~ everything that describes our existence without Christ. Right side of the line ~ everything that describes our existence in Christ.

These are not so much opposites as status updates…


   kingdom of darkness  |  kingdom of light           
     self -righteousness  |  made perfect in Christ  
              sin consciousness  righteousness consciousness
 satan is my father  God is my Father    
     defined by self effort  defined by Christ’s effort 
old covenant  new covenant
    God’s favour is based on how I live  |  God’s favour is from my belief in Christ
       I am earth-base hoping for heaven  |  I am heaven-based influencing the earth
  I am a servant  |  I am a son         
    I fear satan  satan fears me
   I am controlled by the flesh  |  I walk in the Spirit                 

For most of the Christians I know there is no dividing line… life is more of a cocktail of all of the above ~ it wasn’t meant to be that way.

Our flesh wants to retain some of its old identity, it wants to keep playing it’s old (pre-Christ) part, with the result that many people are still living as if Christ had never died ~ they are waiting for God to act, when He has already finished the Great Drama of the Ages, the curtain has come down, the show is over.

Since the cross, there has been a brand new show in town, it’s called ‘Living in the Spirit’… it bears no resemblance to the old drama that was played out before Christ came. The old show was about us and how well we performed our part to get God’s applause and appreciation ~ the new show is about resting in the stunning performance of Christ and loosing ourselves in the magnificence of His sacrifice.

The flesh wants to hold us back, it is determined to play its part ~ if we submit to the flesh and insist on living on the basis of our own efforts, then we miss the opportunity to Walk in the Spirit. They are exclusive performances, played out in different theatres ~ the flesh has an important part in ‘The Old Covenant’ show, it has a lead role ~ the Spirit is playing on the other side of town, it’s show is called ‘The New Covenant’… Christ is the only actor, and we are hidden in His performance by faith.

The old show was a poor performance at best, the costumes were dowdy and the set was bleak, the critics gave us a very bad review ~ it bore little resemblance to the script, just a childish pathetic attempt to please The Maker.

The new show on the other hand was a stunning success, the words, the light, the wonder of it was beyond imagination ~ the script was acted out with perfection, in fact; so perfect was the performance of Christ that The Maker ripped up the script at the end of the final act. He declared the show over, never to be repeated, a performance that will resonate down through the ages, living on forever through the sheer spectacle of its magnificence.

But what do we do now that the script has been torn up by The Maker?… We step into the performance of Christ, we live in the Spirit ~ we enter into the perfection of His performance as it resonates down through the ages ~ we cease our poor performance, we stop our efforts to act out a role that is way beyond us, and we allow ourselves to be carried aloft by the greatest show on earth “Christ in me”.

… or we can keep performing in the dilapidated theatre of self-effort and religion !!

cheers Graeme

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  1. My reading glasses are on my computer; my hand is to my ear……hope I didn’t go over the top last e-mail. Blessings to you and Angela! Diane

    • Hi D, not at all, I am very bomb-proof so don’t tiptoe around me. Been all over the place for the last week, will get back to you in more detail in next day or so. cheers G

  2. What a huge contrast! Thanks Graehme

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