Posted by: mybroom | July 18, 2013

What if we got it wrong?

I want to pose a scenario for your consideration.

What if the church as we know it, is to a large degree a work of the flesh. Perhaps the world-wide, universal organization we call church bears little resemblance to the one conceptualized by the Holy Spirit in the first place.

Consider this; mankind is by nature ‘of the flesh’… that means that our natural instinct is to construct our lives out of our own abilities and capacity to determine matters. In other words; we are by nature self-driven, self-determining and self-focussed ~ we are ego/self-based beings.

The whole purpose of the cross of Christ was to removed from us this flesh-based existence. The whole purpose of the cross was to re-connect us to Christ ~ Hardwire us to Him, as opposed to merely a battery back-up. The whole purpose of the cross was to destroy the good v. evil modus-operandi that defined our being, and return us to an existence that has its source and sustainance in Christ… not self.

If Christendom as a whole never really got that fact, what kind of church would it produce to contain its existence?

If believers down through the ages were instructed (generation after generation) that faith was all about mans response to God as opposed to Gods gift to man, then it is fair to say that the organisation that bears Christ’s name would be quite likely, more about us than Christ. If church leaders down through the 2000-odd years since Christ, were more connected to religious activities, rituals and systems than the life of the Spirit, then it is reasonable to assume that the resulting church will be a work of the flesh.

The fact that the church that exists in 2013 is very sophisticated, high-tech and global does not make it any different to the church that existed in the dark ages. If we exist primarily on the basis of “us” not “Christ” then we might as well still be languishing in ignorance. In the scheme of things; a sophisticated self-based Christianity is perhaps more appalling than an ignorant self-based Christianity.

I spend a lot of time with Christians; I have observed that we are by-and-large more comfortable talking about the stuff that the Christian culture has produced, than about Christ Himself. I get passionate when talking about the cross of Christ, I get caught up in the moment, it thrills me ~ but I often find that Christians look at me like I’m a kind of extreme weirdo, they become uncomfortable around the subject of Christ and Him crucified… prefering to talk about Christian politics/creation science/home schooling/worship styles/etc.

Maybe I am a weirdo, maybe I am becoming fanatical ~ I am stunned by the magnificence of the work of the cross, I am consumed with a desire to understand the realm of the Spirit, I am blown-away by the revelation that I am in Christ and He is in me… I’m a rambling lunatic, I seem to be under the gravitation pull of the sacrifice of Christ ~ I’m in too deep, I’m in over my head, and I am swept along by a current much stronger than me… the Spirit of Christ.

What to do?

I have to keep marching on, the longer I march ~ the further I leave the herd behind… but I feel like there is a remnant who are coming together, not by their own design but the quiet drawings of the Spirit within. They have a far-off look in their eyes, they long for another land ~ they have glimpsed the wonder of Christ and are obsessed with His allure ~ they are aliens on this planet, citizens of another realm, sons and daughters of the Living God… children of eternity.

Make of it what you will ~ I’m just a lunatic who has given up my quest to find life in the flesh, I’m just a crazy guy who has crossed over… now living in Christ.

cheers, Graeme





  1. This is great Graeme. I have been pondering Paul’s description of the gospel in 1 Cor 15. He lists facts about Christ, but in effect he is saying the gospel is Christ! Hallelujah. I love what you have said here, because it points me to Him, and that is where i find joy!

    Amen. – thanks Graeme.

    • You’re so right Ben… The Gospel is Christ!! When I was writing Mybroom I challenged the blogging community (back about mid 2012) to write for a week about Christ only; no culture, no religion, no steps to maturity – not one person took up the challenge to write about Christ and Him crucified for a week, in fact some people became downright irate at my idea… go figure! Cheers Graeme

      • i missed that challenge, but it sounds like a great idea – pretty much what i did over Christmas, but then it is pretty much what i do year round.

      • cheers Ben.

  2. Graeme, I love your heart. The Spirit is surely drawing out a remnant to Himself to be the Bride that He desires. It is lonely at times, for sure, and yet I hear the same heartbeat all over the globe of those who are longing for Christ alone and for His true church to be gathered in Him, through Him and for Him.

    Your post reminds me a bit of a prophetic piece called “Escape from Christendom” by Robert Burnell. I have an excerpt of it on my blog if you’re interested, or you can find the entire piece online with a search. If you’re not familiar, you may find it encouraging.

    I appreciate the things you’ve written in this post! You are not alone, my brother.


    • Wow David, what a prophetic word that is ‘Escape from Christendom” – I havnt read it before but it really resonates with my own thinking – thank you so much for sharing it. It is great not being alone my brother. Lets talk again soon, Graeme

      • I’m glad that blessed you, Graeme. It really paints a great picture describing the difference between “Christian City” and “the city of God”. I love the line too, “Christian City is the place for those who want religion but don’t want to lose their lives. The desert is the territory of those whose hearts are so thirsty for God that they are willing to be lost in Him.” Like Abraham, we are simply “looking for a city whose builder and maker is God.” Nothing else will do! The wilderness is part of the process to get us there. but God has prepared a City that is infinitely worth pursuing, and is our heart’s true home. We’re on the journey!
        Blessings! We’ll keep connected.

      • thanks David.

  3. Hi G – long time no see! I found myself nodding vigorously through this post. Your passion and experience are clearly evident. I find myself wishing for that kind of passion and confidence. And I agree.

    After a short time of contemplation I realize that we are human though and of the flesh, as you say. The Church is not a perfect bride. It misses the mark often, yet Christ chose her and gave himself to her knowing she fell short. My mind drifts to the story of Hosea. This is why His sacrifice was necessary, no? I am grateful that my fate rests in His Gift. Parts of your post (humbly and with great respect for you) do not point to Christ as much as it points to you and who you are, and who you are is no doubt inspiring. So I wanted to bring this to your attention and see how you feel. What are your thoughts on this?


    • Hi Di,
      Yes – long time, thanks for dropping by.
      Firstly thanks for being frank about your observations, I guess my comments could be interpreted the way you suggest… it definately wasnt my intent to put the focus back on myself and off Christ. Fact is thats the whole point of my blog – to take the focus off the flesh and put it back on Christ. It can be hard to convey the wonder of knowing Christ without giving some commentry on the personal journey each of us makes in discovering that wonder.

      Regarding the church as a perfect bride; this is at the heart of my whole blog – Christ came to give us his righteousness (make us perfect) – He did the job, it is completed… yet the church is pre-occupied with self examination rather than Christ examination. I believe we are not human, we are God born beings who has been given the very substance of Christ as our new nature… it is this very point that I am trying to make – the flesh died with Christ on the cross, we are now new creations IN Christ – yet the church has been founded on the wrong notion that we must climb our way back to God by our Christian living and service. In a way Christ did marry Gomer (the waywood wife) but He also made her perfect Eph. 5:27 – the question for us is this “will be assume the perfection that is now ours in Christ and live as His perfect bride in full assurance of our righteousness?”.

      This is so important Di, I would love to keep the conversation going if you like.

      cheers Graeme

      • Hi Graeme,
        I was speaking to a friend today about your post and she said the same thing; that it’s difficult to speak about Christ without sharing one’s own testimony.

        I do think we have to examine ourselves though as well as getting to know Christ in a more intimate way. In fact, the word teaches us to examine our own hearts and motives. I went back and read the entire chapter in Eph 5, and the whole first part of it seems to tell us how to live, that there are ways we should live etc. Verse 27 is talking about the husband and wife relationship; yes it compares it to the Christ and church relationship. It goes on to talk about how husband and wife become one body, how Christ and the church become one. It calls it a mystery, one that is definitely worth comtemplating. I have always believed that Christ in us means that when God looks at us, he no longer sees our sins, he sees his perfect son and in this manner we are made perfect. It is a gift.

        However I believe he died for my past sins, my present sins, my future sins. I strive, I ask God to help and he sees me perfect because of Christ in me.

        We are all (the entire human race) created in the image of God. And I believe I am human. I believe Christ was both human (Son of Man) and divine. I believe that Christ in me is divine. I am a human. I am part of the human race. and right now I see as through tainted glass, then (when I have passed I will see clearly) Mostly I am grateful that when God looks at me, he sees Christ.

        When I was new to the faith every time God showed me a new truth, I felt compelled to teach it to everyone. A wise missionary told me that we all have our own personal relationship with God and just as with Moses, He will tell us when it is time to take off our sandals because we stand on holy ground. Ephesians 5 talks about Christ caring for the church, of becoming one with the church, of loving her and just as with us individually, I believe when God looks at the church, as messy as she can be at times, he sees Christ.

        I’m not a theologian, I don’t have all the answers, I probably don’t have most of them but I’m sure that Christ loves the church and I’m glad He does because that means He loves me too.

        Thanks for not taking offence Graeme, it’s refreshing as so many people do. I like your blog. Your posts always make me think and thinking is a good thing. Questioning is a good thing. At least I think so.

        blessings to you,

      • Yes I agree Diana questioning is a very good thing. Dont get me wrong, I also believe that Christ loves the church – I just feel like the church is not very well aquainted with Christ, and we only become aquainted as we rest in His work that make us His perfect bride. Blessings back to you, Graeme

  4. You’re in good company, Graeme. Paul said we are fools for Christ, and it’s a fact that to really believe and live the truth of the Gospel looks a bit crazy from a worldly perspective. March on! Nice to hear from you:)

    • Hi Judy, always good to catch up with you. G

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