Posted by: mybroom | July 25, 2013

Who is Jesus?

This one is for my friend Diane.

Picture in your mind the image of Jesus that is most real to you. Is he a handsome man with a neat beard dressed in white, patting children on the head? Is he a disfigured image of suffering and pain as he endures his last day on earth? Is he a benign persona who listens while you pray? Is he a constantly disappointed life coach, who is never completely satisfied with your efforts?

If our understanding of Jesus is primarily one of a man in human form, then we have dramatically limited our view of Him. I use the word dramatically because the drama that unfolded about 2000 years ago when Jesus walked the earth for 33 years, is but a scratch on the surface of His actual being. Sure this time in history is the most profound of all periods to ever occur in the theatre of humanity, but it is never-the-less a shadow, an earthly reflection, of the one in whom we have believed.

We earthlings have all but lost the use of the ‘eyes of the heart’ that Paul refers to in Ephesians chapter 1, we have such a limited ability to grasp the reality that exists in the realm outside of our physical, material world ~ and consequently we constrain Jesus to our earth based thinking.

But The Apostle John had no such limitations, he was determined to jerk our thinking out of the mind-sets of the flesh and straight into realm of the Spirit. It is the realm where the original is found, the place that contains the real substance from which the earthly copy was crafted ~ in that regard the physical realm is an inferior representation of the greater reality, which is the kingdom of God.

John wrote His gospel much later than the other 3, and its very different from the other gospels in style and content. It’s a window into the realm of the Spirit ~ as opposed to an account of the earthly events surrounding Jesus life and death. It’s not that John was quirky or more endowed with a writers artistic flare and inclined towards creative imagery, it’s that the realm of the Spirit had become His primary reality as the years passed, and he was simply writing it as he actually saw it.

So John opens His gospel in the realm of the Spirit; for John to present Jesus from a physical / material viewpoint would be unthinkable, because as far as John was concerned that would be grossly inadequate. In the first 4 verses John has dismantled the material imagery we generally contain Jesus within… He is “The Word”, in Him was “Life”, that life was the “Light” of men. All 3 of these descriptions of Jesus have an earthly counterpart or copy, but Jesus was these before they existed in a physical way ~ He was the original!!

Lets take “Life” as a starting point. In the physical realm we perceive life from the perspective of the breathing, blood pumping, vital signs of our bodies ~ life is the outcome of a properly functioning heart, lungs and brain, etc. But these are an earthly shadow of the life from which they were copied… so the question for us today “What is the original version like? How can we grasp the Life that was Jesus in the beginning ~ before mankind was even created?”

The Greek translation of “Life” when it is generally used in the context of Christ is ‘divine vitality’ or ‘heavenly energy’ ~ not that Jesus was some sort of cosmic universal energy, as proposed by the New Age movement ~ but that within His being, and integral with His existence, was contained the vitality to create the universe by speaking it into existence… this same divine essence was also operating in perfect harmony with its counterpart ‘love’.

Eternal Life & Love radiated from Christ before time began. He could not turn them off anymore than we could remain alive after we stop breathing. For Christ to be Christ these integral truths are blazing from His being… forever. Life & Love gloriously filling and sustaining everything ~ and all emanating from the one we call Jesus, without beginning or end… that is Jesus.

This heavenly vitality that defines the essence of Jesus has now made His home in us. The radiant, blazing Love and Life of the living God has taken up residence in our spirits… simply by placing faith in Him. And now we are once again eternal beings like God ~ the substance of our existence is no longer constrained and sustained by the physical realm, we are sons and daughters of the Most High God… eternally lost and hidden in His Love and Life.

cheers, Graeme


  1. Wow, Graeme! It will be interesting to venture into scripture and look at what Jesus said and did from this larger paradigm. Thanks for the clear and passionate answer to my query. I so appreciate your friendship! Diane

    • my pleasure D.

  2. When I was a child, I thought like a child, and my picture of Jesus was very much the one you opened with, and then, then I knew the Indwelling of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and my eyes were opened, and maturity came. I am not a writer Grahame, you put things so much better than I ever could. Best wishes

    • Thank you so much, best wishes from me to you also… to discover the wonder and mystery of Christ – now that is a purpose!!! cheers G

  3. Beautifully expressed, Graeme. It makes me think, if the written Word takes a lifetime to exlore the depths and breadths of, how much more the eternal Word, “the mystery of God, namely Christ, in Whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Col.2:2-3) There is no end to His vastness and glory! Thanks for focusing on Jesus!

    • Hello David,
      I have my days; sometimes exasperated by our limited view of Christ – others overwhelmed by His wonder… if I ever stop focusing on Jesus you have my permission to give me a harsh kick up the ….
      cheers G.

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