‘Hardwired to Christ’ began as a blog named “Mybroom” the acronym for My Year Bout Renewing Of Our Minds.

I posted everyday in 2012 about the process of unpacking the numerous religious concepts we have built up about the Christian faith, leaving only Christ and Him crucified.

It was a year that grew out of an amazing transformation that took place in my walk with God as a result of the pressures of the Global Financial Crisis. I lost a life’s work in property development, but gained an insight into the work of Christ’s life in me ~ I guess you could say I found the pearl of great price ~Christ Himself ~ and realised in the process, how dim by comparison is the glow generated by the things of this world.

I made many new friends across the world and the blogosphere in 2012, some of them encouraged me to compile ‘Mybroom’ into a book ~ a devotional for anyone who wants to have a faith based on the work of Christ alone, devoid of the stuff of the Christian culture, the cliché’s, and the oft-repeated and seldom understood language of modern Christianity. In effect an attempt to discover the mystery hidden for ages “Christ in me”.

The blog is a continuation of that story. I wont be posting daily, but I will attempt to post weekly. It will be focussing on the union that exists between us and Christ, I will be talking about the stunning work of the cross, and I will be attempting to de-mystify the greatest mystery of all “I have been joined to Christ”.

If you purchase the e-book or softback I will be thankful; but I can honestly say that I just hope that; whether it be by book or blog or in person, my desire is to be a part of the most exciting journey of all with you my friends near and far ~ the journey of knowing Christ and the power of His mighty work on the cross.

cheers, Graeme


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